Welcome to nLight Start

Are you a new business?

Start small and allow your website to grow with your business.

Get your site up and running withing two weeks and have complete control over your content. This agile approach gets you on the web so you can be found as quickly as possible.  With our system in place your site can grow organically as your business grows.

What you get?

The biggest advantage nLight Start is that you get dedicated and professional web developer in your corner. If you are on the nLight Start program security updates are handled automatically in the background. When your business grows and is ready to move off of the nLight Start program we are here to provide you with a custom site that meets all your needs.

nLight Starter

  • Three pages - two that have content you have control over and a contact page with a form that goes to your email!
  • Two hours of customization - so your site looks fresh. This includes adding your logo and defining a color template for you!
  • Control over your content - a backend that is fluid and easy to use so you have complete control over your site.
  • Private log in - to keep your site secure.
  • Spam control -  top of the line spam control Mollom keeps your content clean and protects your contact form from spammers.
  • Free domain - your first domain is free for the first year!
  • Solid SEO - a solid framework for search engines. The code is clean so you can be found.
  • Google Analytics - this free service allows you to see how much traffic you are receiving.